Bissell FeatherWeight 3106A Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

bissell-featherweightThe Bissell Featherweight vacuum cleaner is compact and lightweight. You would never think about taking your full sized household vacuum cleaner and running it up and down your curtains, but you may consider doing just that with the Featherweight vacuum. Weighing less than 4 pounds and designed to be as easy to lift as a medium sized stick, this is one of the most convenient types of residential vacuums on the market today.

In fact, if you are thinking about purchasing a hand held vac in the near future, you may consider just purchasing the Bissell Featherweight instead. It’s a top rated vacuum cleaner for cars and it has a hand vac that detaches off of the body of the vacuum, so it serves a wide variety of purposes:

  • Detach the hand vac and clean out your vehicle.
  • Attach the hand vac and clean up small messes as well as your couch, drapery, and virtually any other fabric in your home.
  • Attach or detach the hand vac and clean all flooring throughout your home, garage, and other areas of your property.

Since the Featherweight vacuum weighs less than pounds, it can be taken anywhere you need it to go. It isn’t much bigger than a long stick so it can easily be pushed into closets underneath hanging clothing or coats and into the smallest corners throughout the home. You can even carry it up and down stairs and use it to clean the stairs either as a hand vac or as a lightweight stick vacuum.

In addition, there is a crevice tool include on the Bissell Featherweight vacuum so you can easily get into the small cracks and corners of your home. You can use this tool to clean around floor boards or to get in those small cracks that run between steps on a stairway. It also used to be the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

The real convenience of having the Bissell Featherweight in your home is being able to quickly and easily clean up small messes the moment they occur. When a box of cereal gets dumped or a plant knocks over and leaves dirt all over the carpeting, you can whip out your Featherweight with very little hassle and clean it up. This takes less time and much less energy than dealing with a full sized vacuum in these instances.

That kind of functionality inside the home in addition to the convenience of using the hand vac outside the home and in vehicles is what makes the Featherweight so attractive to consumers today. You will still need a full sized vacuum in your home for larger jobs or for the advanced HEPA filtering systems that they now offer, but the Featherweight is a tool you will use almost daily. This is especially true if you have children in the home! Find out more at:

One small complaint that is often heard from consumer who write reviews of this lightweight vacuum is that you have to use your hands or find a tool of your own to clean off the filter. This is a very simple process since the filter is rather small, but for some it is an inconvenience. The vacuum is bagless, so at least you never have to worry about changing the bag or finding spare bags.

The biggest attraction to the Bissell Featherweight for many is the price tag. It can be found for around $20 online, which is an amazing deal considering how functional it is in the home and its ability to transform into a hand vac.