Commonly asked questions in regards to Bathmate

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When it comes to Bathmate (penis pump), there are a number of questions that people tend to ask when it comes to this product. The most common question that many people have is if this product actually works. Well, depending who is using it and how he is using it, the answer to this may vary from one man to another.

  • How does Bathmate (penis pump) work?

The penis of a man is usually divided into chambers. There are two large ones at the top which are your erectile tissue and there is one smaller one on the bottom which a man uses to ejaculate and urinate. When you get an erection, what happens is that your brain is going to release a hormone which then gets the signal and sends blood to your penis. When you are making use of this product, you need to understand that the more you make use of Bathmate (penis pump) the bigger your vessels are going to become. When this happens, more blood is going to flow to your vessels and then fill the tissue. The process is more like bodybuilding but in this case, it is your penis that is been built.

The pump base of the Bathmate (penis pump) is usually designed in a way that allows a very minimal amount of force to compress on your penis. This is very beneficial since what this does is that it helps a man to achieve maximum growth, maximum expansion and the best part about all this is that you are going to get all these benefits without having to experience any kind of discomfort.

  • What gains should you expect?

When making use of Bathmate (penis pump), the most common gain that you are likely to get is usually between 1 to 3 inches in the length of your penis. This increase is going to be both in flaccid and even when you are erect. Those men who usually have a flaccid that is very small are the ones who tend to notice the growth quicker and faster compared to those men who have bigger ones.

However, you should keep in mind that after some time, your penis will start to go back to its normal size after a few hours.

This is similar because increasing of your penis is not something that is going to take place overnight which is why you need to be patient. Just the same way when you exercise the results come gradually, this is also going to be the same thing when it comes to making use of a penis pump. Bathmate is an exerciser product meaning you will need to wait for a couple of weeks before you start seeing good results.

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